Northport Marina

AuGres, Michigan


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1. Docks are classified as Standard (no water or elec.), Deluxe (water and elec.20 amp.) and J-Channel (water, elec, and other features like dock box and picnic table.

   Standard docks ($800) allow for boats to 25 ft max., including bow pulpits and swim platforms.  Slip width is 9.5 ft.

   Deluxe docks allow for boats from 25 ft. max ($900) to 30 ft max. ($1000), including bow pulpits and swim platforms.  Slip    widths are 13 ft.

   J-/Channel docks ($1,200) allow for boats of 34 feet max, including bow pulpits and swim platforms.  Slip widths are 14 ft.

2. Click here for enlarged view of the marina. Locate the general area and pier or docks you may be interested in.  All seasonal rentals include bathrooms, showers and use of the fish cleaning station.  The length of the season is weather dependent but generally depends on buoy placement from now until buoy removal which begins the 3rd week of October.  Water to docks occurs after freezing danger is over in May.

3.  Call  Jackie at 586 792 5648 for more information on  rental or sales pricing.   Include type of slip desired, length of boat and a phone number, if you wish to be called. (Email works for preliminary contacts/no obligation to rent)

4.  To view or print a Rental Agreement click here.  This is a .pdf  that you can insert your info into, then print.


2024 Seasonal Rental Information

  Most docks are rented on a seasonal basis.  The prices are listed below.  Usually our rental docks are spoken for by Memorial Day weekend.  If you are interested in renting a dock, call Larry at 989 860 0295.  He will put your name on a list, ask you for a boat size, phone number, or email  and wait for the weather to warm up. No Deposit or cancellation fee is required.  After the weather breaks, usually in early May, we will look for  weather damaged docks to ensure that all docks rented are in good condition.  Then dock assignments can be allocated. Returning renters from the previous year have the option to remain in the present slip.

  Please note that the rental prices are for 2 periods of  time, before memorial weekend and after memorial weekend.  We focus on seasonal rentals before memorial weekend.  That is where the best pricing occurs.  Take note in the next paragraph of the significant increase in pricing after memorial day, especially for short term rentals for periods of  daily, weekly and monthly rentals.

After June 15 the monthly rate is $450, the weekly rate is $150 and the daily rate is $30 for a standard dock and $35 for a deluxe dock if we have any available.  It is easy to determine that the seasonal pre holiday rate is the most economical.

Also be reminded that you can purchase a 25 ft. standard dock for $4500, a 25 ft. deluxe dock for $5500 or a 30 ft Deluxe dock for $8000 if available.  Call Larry (989 860 0295) for more information on which slips are available or additional information.

Dock Specifications

Updated 9/15/2023   1/1/20211

As of October 1, 2022  through April 15, 2023    (Rental slip subject to change if sale occurs during fall or winter season

Standard Dock, no power or water, up to 25' boat, 9.5' wide

Sell $4500

A-02, A-03, B-72, B-82, D-144, D-145, H-219, H-228, H-231, I-244

Seasonal rental = $800

Deluxe Dock, power & water, up to 25' boat, 13' wide

Sell $5500

A-24, A-32,, B-47, C2-110

Seasonal rental = $900

Deluxe 30' Dock, power & water, up to 30' boat, 13' wide

Seasonal rental =$1000


No availability at this time