Northport Marina

AuGres, Michigan


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  If you are currently a co-owner and have moved or changed your address or phone number, please inform us so we can update our records.  If you are notifying us in writing use the following address.  If you would rather use a phone to give this information, call  me. (989 876 0005).

Dennis Klein, Northport Marina

P.O. Box 327

AuGres, MI 48703

   If you are a new owner who has purchased a dock, please inform me at 989 876 0005 of your phone number and address.  

  If you are considering purchasing a dock from a private individual, you might wish to check with me before closing to eliminate some unpleasant surprises relating to you as a new owner regarding overdue assessments.

Northport Condo Marina Association: Spring 2020 Newsletter

Comments from the Treasurer:

The following information is provided as an addendum to the budget report that you recently received in the mail for the upcoming year.  That report contained the projected upcoming budget as well as the actual expenses in detail for the last several years.

Overall, there are no large changes to the Profit & Loss or Balance sheet. For 2020 we are expecting similar income with no change to the member assessment rates and similar expenses for maintenance and operation of the marina. The larger expense for sanitation reflects some timing corrections with the billings from the Campground. Our legal expenses are higher due to the actions sorting out the situation with the Store regarding the Bathhouse/Fish station. Heavy spending to maintain the sea walls, resolve electrical and water issues, and replace all the pier ramps has come from our reserve accounts on the Balance sheet. The Board members continue to review all spending and the Quickbook account reconciles with the PNC bank statements.

The Board continues to aggressively pursue large delinquent member accounts. Two more

were resolved recently with full payment of all owed dues including late fees.