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Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022


The meeting was called to order by President Gontko at 9:30 a.m. The following officers were in attendance and introduced: Larry Gontko, Pres, Mike Donnenwerth, VP, Dennis Klein, Treasurer, Mike Mathie, trustee.  Excused, Kris Pullen, Sect.  Jackie Szczepaniak, Asst. Treas. will take the minutes.

Pres. Gontko thanked Mike Lattimer for serving on the board.  He moved & resigned.  

Pres. Gontko thanked J. Freese, J-36 for pumping gas on call.  Jon says leave a message & he will get back to you, if he doesn't answer his phone.

Pres. Gontko also thanks Chris Anderson, our gas dock worker for a number of years, for all his hard work manning the gas dock.

A quorum was represented—103 docks.


Pres. Gontko led the Pledge of Allegiance.  There was a moment of silence for members of the armed services of our country.


Rick Sutton, J-62, Grant Fox, E-150, Bruce Leach, E-151, Kevin Watkins, E-159.


R. Davis, H-226, reported that he received official notification of the meeting.


Motion made by J. Dunleavy, B-41 to accept the minutes from the Spring Meeting, May 28, 2022.

Seconded by J. Freese, J-36. Motion carried.


1. Balance Sheet was distributed and discussed.  Monies were taken from the 10% Reserve Fund to pay for the new garage/storage shed that was built in the north parking lot where the dumpster used to be.

R. Sutton, J-62--is there a long term vision for the garage/storage shed? Yes, all marina & gas dock records are stored in the new building, along with fish scalers, marina & gas dock spare parts, extra lumber to repair docks, plumbing parts, a storage are for picnic table, work bench for working on marina projects.  Water & outside electric plugs for members use.

J. Freese, J-36-are we still paying for the Rental Unit across the street?  Ans: No, it has been emptied & contract canceled.

2. Profit & Loss Report was distributed and discussed.  Income & expenses are as we expect.  There are bills yet to pay this year.


    1.  Weeds in the basin--the Marina Assoc. contracts with Aquatic Nuisance of West Branch.  Pres. Gontko has tried to get in touch with them in various way and many times.  First answer was last week.  Their problem was they are short of help and couldn't get to all of their jobs.  They were supposed to come out this past week, but didn't.  It is a possibility their will be no spraying this year.

J. Freese, J-36-are there other companies that can do this work?  Ans:  D. Klein, yes, the board is looking into a new company.

D. Stamper, I-257-has lots of seaweed behind his dock. Can it be pulled out?

    2.  Northport Store- it has been reported that the last owner did not keep any records for the state, of gas purchased & sold.  They did not employ a Class A or B operator to check over their inventory, etc.  So a new owner would have to pay for a study.

L. Gontko is the licensed Class A & B operator for Northport Station LLC (Gas Dock).

    3.  Bad boards on the main piers-M. Donnenwerth, L. Gontko, & D. Klein have recently replaced over 50 bad boards.  Please contact a board member if a bad board needs to be replaced.

S. Maziarz, J-63-some lights on the south side of J-Channel are not operating.  Ans:  the board will check it out.

J.Freese, J-36-complains about all the cars that do not belong to Assoc. members parking in the south lot and adults & children are fishing on private property.  Ans:  S. Maziarz, J-63 states the Campground Assoc. has called the police on trespassers on the beach area.  She states they will come out, as trespassing on private property is against the law.

T. Burch, E-171-suggests rescue flotation rings on each of the docks to reduce the Marina's risk for liability.

D. Adams, J-66-states that he thinks if the gate is open and not closed, we accept liability.

T. Auten, E-161-states he has personal liability on his dock.  Pres Gontko states each co-owner should have their

own liability insurance.  Docks can be covered by contacting your insurance carrier and they can add it to your home owners policy.

M. Burzynski, J-67-asks if it is in the bylaws to have individual insurance, besides what the Marina Assoc. holds.

R. Sutton, J-62-states the Bylaws say it is each co-owner's responsibility to have insurance on their dock.

G. Gardner, B-51-asks how to get a copy of the Bylaws.  Ans:  they are on

    4.  Other updates:  grassy area by C-2 dock has had a drain installed to keep standing water from pooling.  Work done by Bilacic.  They will be doing more drainage work by the ramp.  And there was gravel added to the parking lot.

T. Dykman, D-120-asks if the dead trees off the north parking lot by the C-2 dock can be cut down.  Ans:  Pres. Gontko gave him permission to cut them down.

J-Freese, J-36-asks since the state dock has closed, are the many extra people using the Marina Assoc. ramp paying the fees?

Ans:  Yes, many annual passes have been sold since the closing.

M. Burzynski, J--67-asks where that money shows up in the Financial Report. Ans: Balance Sheet, Parcel B (Ramp & Parking Lot).

M. McKone, D-123-asks if it would be a good idea to put surveillance at the ramp?  Ans:  there is no internet connection there.

F. Muth, E-153-regarding floatation rings in the marina at each dock, he states each boat should, by law, have flotation devices on board.  Also, if someone fell into the water, they could be directed to a boat with a swim ladder to climb up.

L. Yeager, E-173-states all children around the water should be wearing life jackets.

    5.  RAMP REPORT-monies come into the "drop box" at the ramp for daily passes.  AuGres Marina (Rick & April Valley) collect for seasonal passes.  The Balance Sheet shows the money allocated to the account under Parcel B (Ramp & Parking Lot).

M. Burzynski, J-67-states the fees for launching a boat in Linwood are $250 per season.

J. Sopkowicz, J-33-says he writes insurance policies and would be happy to look over the policy of the Marina Assoc. Also you launch at your own risk for liability.

    6.  GAS DOCK-comparison for 2021 to 2022, gas sales are down this year most likely due to high gas prices.  The goal is to break even.  There is a 10,000 gallon underground tank that must be filled 50% over winter/spring to keep the tank from heaving at the thaw.  The tank can only be run down to 500 gallons, no less.  Gary Oil, of Oscoda is our supplier.

S. Maziarz, J-63-states the hours it is open are bad for fishermen.

J. Ott, J-52-asked if we could have self service gas.  Ans:  no state law dictates that marina gas facilities have to be manned.

T. Burch, E-171-states we need more volunteers to man the pumps.

D. Kanouse, G-208-states 8:00 am-1:00pm are when fishermen are on the water.  Maybe it could be open later in the day.


    1.  State Law effective Jan. 14, 2014 states:  (1) The books, records, contracts, and financial statements concerning the administration and operation of the condominium project shall be available for examination by any of the co-owners and their mortgagees at convenient times.

  (2) Except as provided in subsection (3), an association of co-owners with annual revenues greater than $20,000.00 shall on an annual basis have its books, records, and financial statements independently audited or reviewed by a certified public accountant, as defined in section 720 of the occupational code, 1980 PA 299, MCL 339.720. The audit or review shall be performed in accordance with the statements on auditing standards or the statements on standards for accounting and review services, respectively, of the American institute of certified public accountants.

  (3) An association of co-owners may opt out of the requirements of subsection (2) on an annual basis by an affirmative vote of a majority of its members by any means permitted under the association's bylaws.

T. Burch, E-171, makes a motion to opt out of the requirements of Act 559.157 as allowed by section 3 of the act.

Discussion took place.

2nd by J. Freese, J-36.

Motion passed with proxies counted:  Yeas = 64, Nays = 39

The board will have their attorney check the by-laws for next year, clarifying " a majority of its members by any means permitted under the association's bylaws."

2.  Election of Officers--

     1.  Election of 3 Board Members for 2 years (Mike Donnenwerth, Mike Mathie, Dennis Klein--terms expired).

    2.  Pres. Gontko appointed J. Szczepaniak, J-55, Asst. Treasurer, to oversee the election.  J. Freese, J-36, L. Yeager, E-173 appointed to count ballots.

    3.  Nominations from the floor:

J. Dunleavy, B-41, nominates Mike Donnenwerth, H-218.  He accepts.

J. Dunleavy, B-41, nominates Mike Mathie, B-44.  He accepts.

J. Dunleavy, B-41, nominates Dennis Klein, C1-97.  He accepts.

M. Horn, J-64, nominates Rick Sutton, J-62.  He accepts.

L. Letts, J-65, nominates Mark Burzynski, J-67.  He accepts.

S. Maziarz, J-63, nominates Don Adams, J-66. He accepts


J. Szczepaniak, J-55, called for nominations 3 times, and then closed the nominations.

Ballots counted.  Three top vote getters:  Dennis Klein, Mike Donnenwerth, Mike Mathie.

R. Sutton, J-62 made a motion to destroy the ballots.  2nd by R. Davis, H-226.  Ballots were destroyed.

3.  Channel Dredging-during high water times we have to maintain sea walls.  Low water calls for dredging.

Permits are in place.  D. Klein has been doing permit work

Looking for contractors.  2 best quotes = $180,000.  M. Donnenwerth has been looking into contractors.

Savin Lake Services in Hale will do hydraulic dredging.  Our original permit was for mechanical dredging, so the permit needs to be modified.

Target Schedule is to complete this job in the fall, hopefully when the boats are out of the marina but before it freezes.

There is enough moneyto pay for dredging, but the Board is looking into the possibility of increasing the dues.  Right now $40 of each dock's assessment goes into the Dredging Reserve Fund each yer.  Northport Marine & AuGres Marine also pay money that goes into this fund.

The Marina Board & the Campground Board have worked out an agreement for "beach nourishment" and the sand pulled out of the channel will be placed on the beach, leveled, and smoothed.

R. Sutton, J-62-is the EGLE likely to approve the hydraulic dredging and the beach nourishment project.  Ans: yes

J. Ott, J- 52-asked how many ways there are to get rid of the dredgings (sand).  Ans:  beach nourishment, a land owner can take it, possibility of building up the north parking lot, just leave it in a pile in the parking lot placed in the North parking lot and then have the spoils hauled away  in trucks to an “Upland dump site” approved by EGLE.

J. Freese, J-36-asks if Wiltse has any responsibility to pay a share?

C. Burzynski, J-67-states we should increase the boat launch price.  She says she will volunteer to sit at the ramp to collect money for passes.

M. Burzynski, J-67-states the boat MC numbers should be attached to the ramp pass.

J. Freese, J-36-motion to adjourn the meeting.  2nd by J. Egress, E-166.  Meeting adjourned at 12:07 p.m.

       Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                          Jackie Szczepaniak,  Asst. Treasurer